Monday, October 19, 2009

Wild Beasts: Two Dancers

Artist: Wild Beasts
Album: Two Dancers
Date Released: September 8, 2009
Genre: indie rock
Rating: 8.7

Two Dancers is the second full-length release from England’s Wild Beasts; the group have steadily climbed their way up the ranks of British music since they signed to Domino Records (Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand) in early 2007.

Falling somewhere between the aura of Sigur Ros and the intricacies of Foals, this album stands on the shoulders of their debut released last year. It builds on the characteristics of their established sound whilst bravely venturing into new musical territory.

Opener “The Fun Powder Plot” gracefully layers itself into an irresistible and frictionless groove. The relatively lengthy opener ends with a repeating haunting wail from front man Hayden Thorpe.

Thorpe’s salient voice delivers a fantastic performance on “Hooting & Howling”. During the introduction, the lyrics sit on top of the lone bass line remarkably:
Carry me hooting and howling
to the river to wash off my hands
of the hot blood, the sweat and the sand
“We Still Got The Taste Dancin’ On Our Tongues” opens with yet another streamline vocal hook, then the song develops to accentuate other traits such as the clever construction of the percussion. Considerable contagiousness is found in the flawless beats throughout Two Dancers, particularly on the track “This Is Our Lot”.

Even though I took a fancy to last year's debut effort Limbo, Panto, I really wasn’t expecting Wild Beasts to immediately release a charismatic follow-up of such distinction. Wild Beasts have masterfully moulded a sound so exquisite that they stand alone without the burden of guidelines or an overpowering fame. Two Dancers is sharp and proud; it is surely amongst the exclusive elite of British records released this year.

Reviewed by Leigh Padley.


  1. If this group where a security I'd buy "long".

  2. I saw these live at last years Green Man Festival. They reminded me of King of the Slums, but without any of the charm. The falsetto vocals drove me to distraction and if it hadn't been for the rain I wouldn't have stayed in the tent past 2 songs.