Saturday, October 31, 2009

Irepress: Sol Eye See I

Artist: Irepress
Album: Sol Eye See I
Date Released: February 17, 2009
Genre: post-rock, post-metal, progressive, experimental
Rating: 7.6

Hailing from Massachusetts, Irepress have released Sol Eye See I, the follow-up to their 2007 debut, Samus Octology. Irepress play an extremely challenging and proficient brand of post-rock that borders on everything from post-metal through to jazz-fusion, math-rock and sludge. Unsurprisingly, the tracks themselves on Sol Eye See I are as frenetic and chaotic as these descriptions would imply.

The chug-a-chug metal riffs are often interspersed with washes of fuzzy guitar soundscapes, frenetic drumming and the electric guitar pickings that are characteristic of the post-rock genre. The tracks are all over the map, frequently starting and stopping on a dime. This isn't stuff you play in the background -- it commands attention and lots of patience.

Irepress is not for everyone, but listeners looking for something a bit different and daring will adore this album.


  1. Thanks to your blog i get introduced to such amazing stuff sitting here in India!!....and especially this album.....takes u to another level....wish u had given it a higher rating.

    Cheers and keep up the good work!!

  2. Glad you mentioned these dudes. A friend of mine produces them.