Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dananananaykroyd: Hey Everyone

Artist: Dananananaykroyd
Album: Hey Everyone
Date Released: April 6, 2009
Genre: math rock, new wave/post-punk revival, indie rock
Rating: 7.9

I've had a soft spot for this band ever since a love interest gave me a mix-tape with a Dananananaykroyd track on it a few years back. Cheesy and cringe-worthy, I know, but the early version of "Song One Puzzle" had a certain charm to it -- the rawness of the cherub rock-esque demo left a lasting impression. Now in 2009 the Scottish six-piece have finally released their debut album, Hey Everyone, and it doesn’t fail to impress.

After a highly excited introduction, the band manages to raise our pulses and warm our ears through its awesome display of power. Indeed, the first half of Hey Everyone is gleaming and it displays a startling amount of confidence for a debut. The Naykroyd proceed to thud their way through the tuneful songs, "The Greater Than Symbol And The Hash" and the anthemic "Black Wax".

A truly pummelled drum kit furiously backs the Moore/Ranaldo drone guitar riffage of "Pink Sabbath". This scolding song is a strong highlight located smack-bang in the middle of this feverous full-length. But not to worry, the hot-hooks and gallant chants continue until the album draws to its close. "Infinity Milk", "Some Dresses" and the fantastic ender "Song One Puzzle" all enhance the anticipation of their destructive live show.

I highly doubt I'm biased on account of my Dananananaykroyd foretaste -- after all, this band has spent considerable time on the road since their formation in 2006. I’m sure their well earned fan-base fully backs Hey Everyone as it's a very vibrant debut cleverly marrying the hardcore and shoe-gaze influences found on their early demo recordings.

Ultimately, this record is a lot of fun to listen to. Hey Everyone! roll up! roll up!, get your Fight-Pop!

Reviewed by Leigh Padley

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