Saturday, September 19, 2009

jj: jj n° 2

Artist: jj
Album: jj n° 2
Date Released: July 17, 2009
Genre: indie rock, indie pop, dream pop
Rating: 8.4

: jj n° 2 is the dreamy debut from Gothenburg Sweden's jj -- a little known group that intermixes gentle Carribean beats and African rhythms with a distinctly European melodic sensibility. jj's whisperey and understated female vocals, along with its soothing rhythmic grooves, would be as appropriate on the beach as on the dance floor.

Overall the tracks are mid to slow tempo and awash in reverb. Tracks like "Ecstasy" bring to mind Fever Ray or The Bug -- but with more attention paid to melody and a minimalist nuance. jj n° 2 also features some dynamic arrangements; the album shifts from time-to-time to acoustic tracks like "Are You Still in Valda?"and the uber-cute "Me & Dean."

The tracks "From Africa to Malaga" and "My Hopes and Dreams" best exemplify the band's sound -- but it's "Things Will Never Be the Same Again" that shines brighest, representing one of the strongest tracks of the year.

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