Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yeah Yeah Yeahs: It's Blitz!

Artist: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Album: It's Blitz!
Date Released: March 10, 2009
Genre: alt-rock, garage punk, indie-rock
Initial rating: 8.1

Review: Every great band goes through changes from album to album, but it's the best bands who can do so and still blaze a successful trail into the future. On the Yeah Yeah Yeah's new CD, they have broken new sonic ground, but they haven't lost what made them great. It's Blitz dives headfirst into the electronic-pop scene that's been coming out of Brooklyn lately; the album is dripping in string synths and machine beats -- and it does so in a way that's better than most.

It's Blitz may be different from their garage-rock albums of the past, but it marks a significant expansion of YYY's sound. It takes a lot of courage to set off in a new direction, risking the alienation of old die-hard fans. But the results are both fantastic and necessary. This is exactly where the band needed to go. Another "garage-rock" album would have likely typecast the band, sending them to the place of the soon-to-be-forgotten (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, anyone?).

It's Blitz
starts out with a quick 1-2-3 punch of “Zero”, the catchy as hell “Heads Will Roll” and “Soft Shock”. “Heads Will Roll” goes deep into dance-floor territory -- but Karen O's voice floats right over the beats with ease. Her voice shines bright on all the tracks and the new sound gives her room to showcase her vocal talents. Towards the end of the album, with songs like “Hysteric”, the band returns to more familiar territory, but the tone of this album is consistent. Karen O's voice is gorgeous on the slower tracks, a powerful instrument that works in tandem with the abundance of catchy hooks.

It's always refreshing when a band decides to push off in a new direction and at the same time hold onto what made them so great in the first place. It's Blitz is a great new sound for YYY's and it will be exciting to see where they go from here.

Reviewed by Ryan Konop.


  1. I don´t agree with your score.I give a 6.5. The composition is so simple,the instrumental too, the songs are very similar and is like mainstream music. They could do a great album ,if they explore more them capacities, because i know they could know do more.The two things different in this album is: the voice of Karen that is more calm and the new genre of music.I am very disapointedd with this new album. Is not a great album and not so far one of the best albuns of the year.

  2. This is definitely one of my favourite albums of the year. It is very accessible and Zero and Heads Will Roll have helped to catapult YYY to super stardom. Karen sounds fantastic!