Monday, May 11, 2009

Papercuts: You Can Have What You Want

Artist: Papercuts
Album: You Can Have What You Want
Date Released: April 14, 2009
Genre: indie pop
Rating: 7.4

The wondrous music of Papercuts is brought to us by the talents of Jason Robert Quever. You Can Have What You Want is the fourth album released by Papercuts since first appearing in 2000 (Rejoicing songs).

The album starts off with the detailed soundscapes of "Once We Walked in the Sunlight". This opening track is modest and somewhat withdrawn -- a suitable indication of what to come.

The floating organ drones and sharp beats of the second track, "Dictators Lament" help the album settle in; a tasteful effort, the listener can't help but be drawn-in at this point.

Fifth track "Jet Plane" opens with pleasant soft guitars, leading the listener into the coming airy vocals. Though "Jet Plane"’ is a relatively melodic track, it doesn’t quite have the lasting power to make it particularly memorable.

As You Can Have What You Want plays through, I find it fails to bring itself up a level. It seems content with either barely altering or attempting to complement the listener's mood; I found it a little too subdued.

This is a good Papercuts record, but its highlights mainly lie within particular phrases or in some of the slightly discordant melodies. The lack of adventure in this record almost make the opening 20 seconds of each track seem like the best parts.

The title track off this record is one of two songs that clock under 3 minutes long. It's a decent song, but I can't seem to find a better term to describe it other than 'nice.'

Overall this music is soft, rich and soothing. Even though the album is abundant in anti-climaxes and lacking in excitement, there is a certain charm hidden amongst the lifeless presence and the up-in-the-air progressions. You Can Have What You Want is not a very bold recording, but it plays as if it was never intended to be. Easy on the ear and gentle with the heart.

Reviewed by Leigh Padley.

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